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The power of solar

Everyday, the Earth intercepts 174000 TerraWatts of quality sunshine. That’s equal to 3 times all the energy in all the oil on earth.1 We want to spread the word that solar is a safe, clean, renewable energy source.

1Source: Climate Change Action Network

now is the time

Solar Pie is working to engage corporate partners to build a network of solar demonstration roofs across the country and leverage their visibility. We believe this will help accelerate the acceptance and expansion of solar energy in the United States.

Becoming a Solar Pie member means you’re joining an alliance of solar energy supporters who believe it’s time to make something happen. It’s time to build a positive energy future for us, for our children, for the earth. There is power in numbers and the more of us there are, the faster our network can grow.

A piece of the pie

Becoming a Solar Pie member is simple. Just sign up for our newsletter and join our network of committed citizens who believe the power of solar can change the world. We’ll keep you posted on what’s going on with renewable energy as well as the latest Solar Pie news.

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