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Installing an 18 panel solar roof on our 1907 Seattle home was only the beginning for us. Once we discovered how much electricity our roof generated we wanted to tell everyone about the power of solar. Since there were just two of us our impact was limited.

So, we had an idea

What if we could work with a building owner to install solar panels on a roof that everyone could see? And, what if we could display exactly how much electricity that roof was generating... minute-by-minute, twenty-four hours a day. That roof could teach an entire city about how safe, clean and renewable solar energy is.

So we looked for a roof that could be seen by thousands from a high-traffic freeway. Then we approached the owners of that roof and shared our idea. They agreed to help us change the world. And ... Solar Pie became a reality.

But that was just the first step. We’re working to facilitate building a solar roof in the most visible spot in every major American city. And publicize the amount of power generated by all those roofs ... nationwide. We want to show everyone how effective solar energy can be. We know it sounds like a “Pie in the Sky” idea but we think it just may work.

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If you would like to learn more about our solar demonstration projects, or would like advice about how to start a demonstration project in your community, we’d love to hear from you!

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