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Want to learn more about solar energy? Here are some sites that we recommend.

If you find a resource you want to share, send us an email with the link and tell us why you like it.

  • American Solar Energy Society
    The national organization offers solar information and organizes events. Go here find your regional chapter or to subscribe to Solar Today magazine.
  • BP Solar USA
    Information on solar technology, government incentives and system purchasing. Features a savings calculator.
  • Cooler Planet
    Enter your street address to find solar installers in your area. Also features interactive solar maps, cost calculators and solar resources.
  • Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency

    Search by state for comprehensive lists of all the information you could need about government incentives in your area.
  • Earth4Energy
    Information on building and installing your own solar power system.
  • Find Solar
    Enter your zip code to find solar installers in your area. Also features interactive solar maps, cost calculators and solar resources.
  • Fire Mountain Solar
    Based in the Northwest, this company sells all sorts of solar and renewable energy products and equipment.
  • Go Solar Power For Homes
    An independent blog updated daily with solar power news.
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    Scores of information and research prepared by the federal government. Learn just about everything there is to learn about photovoltaics.
  • Northwest Solar Center
    Lots of information on incentives and research reports on solar power. The Northwest Solar Center is a partnership between Washington State University and Shoreline Community College.
  • Puget Sound Solar
    Solar system installers, plus a map of Seattle-area installations and project pictures.
  • Sanyo Solar Ark
    Learn about Sanyo's giant solar museum and exhibits. But it's in Japan.
  • Seattle City Light Solar Program
    Solar information, directory of recommended installers, upcoming events and permitting information (Seattle only).
  • Solar Electric Power Association
    Information on utility programs and resources on solar energy. Features a directory of solar installers and a schedule of events.
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
    Federal and local news about solar power, tons of solar facts, resources on solar technologies and membership information.
  • Solar Industry Magazine
    Get news and insider knowledge about solar power. Connect with people in your area and find upcoming events.
  • Solar Power International
    The home page for 2009's Solar Power International Expo, happening Oct. 27 to 29 in Anaheim, Calif.
  • Solar Power: Wikipedia
    An in-depth look at solar thermal and photovoltaic solar power. But don't blindly trust everything you read on Wikipedia.
  • Solar Washington
    News, events and resources from the Washington state chapter of the American Solar Energy Society.
  • Snohomish County Solar Express Program
    Information about incentives and resources for Snohomish County residents to install solar appliances.
  • Snohomish County Solar Planet Power
    Provides grants to generate renewable energy on sites within the Snohomish County Public Utility District.
  • Sunergy Systems
    An installer in Washington and Oregon with information on commercial and residential systems.
  • USDOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    Scores of information and research prepared by the federal government. Includes information on the Solar America Initiative and Solar America Cities programs.
Quick Facts

Because a solar-panel grid is interconnected, shade on just one of the panels can result in a dramatic loss of overall power output, even when the rest of the array is in direct sunlight.
— Northwest Solar Center

Scientists are developing antireflective solar panel coatings inspired by butterfly and moth wings.